3D Texture Artist – Ref: 22-534

Empresa: Material Bank - Florida (USA)

Posición a cubrir: 3D Texture Artist

Descripción del empleo:

Material Bank is seeking a Digital Material Acquisition – Texture Arstist for digital material post processing as the seconf gate within the broader digital material acquisition process. The role, Texture Artist specializes in creating, processing, re-touching, and quality assuring the PBR texture stacks to be used in the broad virtual environment. The role requires an understanding of materials attributes and their interaction with environmental lighting. Those materials can include ceramics, textiles, paints, woods, LVT, leather, carpet, stone, metallic finishes, and/or any other materials commonly seen in architecture, interior, and landscape.


Texture Artists will work closely with scanning technicians, modelers and technical artists on a daily basis to execute assigned projects within the required timeline. The output virtual material assets must meet the quality requirements while maintaining the best possible fidelity. To be more specific, the responsibilities may include but not limit to:
• Assess the assigned the texture input to determine the best technical approach.
• Post-process and retouch the raw materials scans based on quality guidelines.
• Create PBR stacks procedurally based on reference images to achieve photorealism.
• Develop and refine textures throughout the workflow process.
• Streamline necessary quality assurance process to ensure output authenticity at-scale.
• Conduct UV mapping when neccessary.

Requerimientos excluyentes:

The ideal candidate should possess:.
• Training in computer graphics, 3D animation or graphic design.
• Experience in texturing 3D models, knowledge of modeling rigs is a plus.
• Ability to consistently draw inspiration from real world references.
• Knowledge of video game genres and latest trends in gaming.
• Solid understanding of visual language - texture, color, dimension, scale, perspective, shade, composition depth of field, proportion, lighting, spatial awareness, etc.
• Strong illustration, digital painting and conceptual skills.
• File organization and time management skills.
• Team player and ability to work independently.
• Desire to learn new technologies and design techniques.

Requerimientos no excluyentes:

Edad: 18-35

Lugar de trabajo: Remote

Modalidad: A distancia

Vacantes: 6

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