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Senior Technical Artist – Ref: 21-448

Empresa: GAMAGA

Posición a cubrir: Senior Technical Artist

Descripción del empleo:

Buscamos Technical Artist Senior para incoporarse a nuevos proyectos


Designing and developing workflows, pipelines, and tools for projects and teams. ●Integrating assets provided by art & design, and implementing the features associated with them ●Developing solutions to incorporate real-world assets and data into real-time applications. ●Research and experimenting with groundbreaking technologies, pioneering new techniques to match the constantly evolving demands of ours clients and the industry ●Collaborating in small teams to ship client projects on a variety of platforms, including desktop, AR and VR headsets, mobile, WebGL, and more. ●Working directly with clients, developers, designers, artists, and management both locally and remotely.

Requerimientos excluyentes:

Experience developing with Unity at a high level. ●Solid understanding of one or more 3D creation suites (Maya, Blender, etc). ●Experience and technical understanding of 3D model optimization and performance. ●Experience with art production workflows such as modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, or lighting with HDRP/URP. ●Intermediate skill with C# or another programming language. ●Experience in shipping multiple interactive real-time applications or games.

Requerimientos no excluyentes:

Edad: Indiferente

Lugar de trabajo: Chile- santiago- home office

Modalidad: A distancia

Vacantes: 2

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