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Unreal Developer – Ref: 22-535

Empresa: Game Cloud Network

Posición a cubrir: Unreal Developer

Descripción del empleo:

We are Game Cloud Network, a gaming technology company headquartered in Los Angeles metropolitan area, founded by top gaming and media executives. For the past year we have been expanding our core team in Latam, with a branch office in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are building the world’s largest brand engagement network connecting brands, gamers and influencers through games, on top of Rivit, our revolutionary games-as-a-service platform. What are we looking for? As we continue growing, we are looking for a Unreal Developer to join our team.


• Meeting with the design team to discuss gaming ideas and specifications.
• Establishing strategy and development pipelines.
• Planning and implementing game functionality.
• Transforming design ideas into functional games.
• Designing and building game codes.
• Identifying and fixing code errors and game bottlenecks.
• Testing game functionality and theme dynamics.
• Ensuring products conform to high industry standards.
• Designing and building game patches and upgraded.

Requerimientos excluyentes:

• English - Full Professional Proficiency Experience.
• 3+ years of experience.
• Proven experience in gaming projects.
• Experience in Unreal, Jira and agile.
• Flexible working hours.
• Competitive USD salary.
• Training programs available.

Requerimientos no excluyentes:

Edad: -

Lugar de trabajo: Buenos Aires

Modalidad: A distancia

Vacantes: 3

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